Police Project: Comstat Transformation

The Client

The Ministry of National Security in the Bahamas has portfolio responsibility for the public safety of The Bahamas. The security agencies for which it has policy oversight are: the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the Bahamas Department of Corrections.We enjoyed being able to help them better accomplish their mission "To defend, protect and guard the national and territorial sovereignty and integrity of The Bahamas and its citizens."

The Problem

This project was done with the Police Headquaters in the Bahamas, in what is called their Comstat Room. This room houses press conferences, important meetings and sessions vital to creating and developing the ideas that help increase and maintain security across the entire Bahamas. This room needed a complete upgrade, there was outdated technology (i.e microphone systems) Everything was still in analog and was not compatible with some of the newer technology needed.

The Solution

Our team really enjoyed providing an entire facelift to the room. One of the main elements was installing a video wall that allows for monitoring. The room was changed from analog/ manual to being completely digital. In fact, the entire room is managed by a console. We also replaced the microphone and video conferencing system. Each seat hosts its own wireless microphone, there is a new speaker system that works for telecommunications, conferencing and meetings. Cameras were also added to the room, and not just ones to monitor movements, these cameras are able to broadcast Press Conferences and meetings with studio quality. They can also record meetings and live stream events.